Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some Target Necessities I Picked Up Today

Hello Lovelies!

So today I went to my local Target to browse and pick up a few things. I originally went to grab more stuff from the E.L.F. back to school line like their Neutral Eye Beauty Book and their Smokey Eye Beauty Book but decided against it since I already have enough neutral colors. So instead, I picked up some necessities and things I've been wanting to try out!

1. I LOVE baby wipes. I use them for everything. I use them to freshen up my face or skin on a hot day, to clean up sticky spills, and to wipe my hands clean if they feel dirty. I can pretty much use these bad boys for anything I want. I normally get the unscented version from Up & Up (they're my staples) but I also saw the pack of SUPER CUTE Huggies baby wipes and had to get them. Look at the packaging! It's so bright and colorful!

2. Make up wipes are also necessary for me. I don't use them every day but for those nights when I'm out late and come home exhausted, the only thing I want to do is knock out in my cozy bed. I'll normally lay there for a minute before I feel guilty for not washing my face so I'll pull myself out of bed and trudge towards my bathroom...until I discovered make up cleansing towlettes! I can keep these by my bedside and quickly remove my make up without needing water or a sink and then fall fast asleep guilt free!

I've never used either of these make up wipes before but I figured Up & Up is a pretty trustable budget friendly brand so why not?

I picked up a 30 count pack thats suppose to be comparable to Ponds Clean Sweep for $3.39 and another pack that was slightly more expensive with only 25 towelettes thats suppose to be comparable to Neutrogena's Make-Up Remover for $3.49. I'll update you guys later on how I feel about these.

3. Lastly I picked up some cotton rounds for my new oil cleanser and my staple deep conditioner, Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deeeeep Conditioner. I don't know what my hair would do without it in the hot and dry desert I live in.

Thanks for reading!



  1. oOo :D I use the Up&Up wipes in the purple packaging and I LOVE them. I got a pack to try and I fell in love with them so I ran back when I ran out to get two more packs. I'm about halfway done with my second pack and I just thought to myself today that I should go pick up some more :) They're inexpensive and they work well. I don't know what to do if they got discontinued :/ I like the scent of the purple ones too! Could you please compare the blue and purple ones when you have a chance to use them. Maybe I should try the blue ones next time since they're more budget friendly ^^

    How do you normally remove your makeup? You use the Purity facial cleanser right so does that take off all your makeup well? I think I should expand my makeup removal options haha.

  2. omg ive tried the 3 minute miracle deep conditioner and it does wondersss. <3

  3. @AngelicBB: I can definitely do that for you :) It might take a few weeks/months before I get to it because I want to be able to try both of them for a good amount of time and see how they react with my skin. :) I'm glad to hear that you like them so much! That probably means I'll like them too and I think it's so awesome that they're less than $4 each. Right now I'm using Purity Made Simple and it does a good job of getting off all my make up but I need a toner afterwards because it's hard for me to rinse everything clean if I'm not in the shower. I'm starting to transition to Shu Uemura Cleansing Beauty Oil but I've only been using it for a couple days so I can't really tell you how much I like it yet.

  4. @Nhi: I know right?!?! It makes my hair so soft and silky!

  5. MmM, I like how promptly you answer back to your comments haha. If I'm wearing pretty heavy face makeup I'll usually use a wipe and take off most of it and follow up with a cleanser like the Loreal 360 Clean (for sensitive skin). But the cleanser doesn't seem that well on its own even though it claims to remove makeup....

    Do you cleanse with the Purity with your face dry or wet? Does it make a difference? I was thinking of trying a cleansing oil but the Shu Uemura ones are quite pricey. I was also thinking of trying Clinique's Cleansing Balm because this blogger/youtuber named Katie used it.

  6. @AngelicBB: Oh hmm I wouldn't know much about the Clinique Cleansing Balm but when I use my purity cleanser, I always use water with it. I normally dab some of the cleanser on my cheeks, forehead, and chin and then get some water on my fingertips before I work it into my skin. I've been hesitant to try the L'Oreal cleansers because I hear so many mixed reviews that I don't want to take a chance :( But I was able to by the little scrublet at Sephora to use with my cleanser in case I don't have my Clarisonic on hand! :)

  7. I've never used wipes before *blushed* but i think i'm gonna try to get ones, because like you said it's a quick and easy way to remove make up when you are tired!

    I totally loved the packagin of Huggies! ^^