Thursday, July 15, 2010

Review: ELF Bronzer & Blush Duo

Hello Lovelies!

I just wanted to do a mini review on this blush and bronzer duo I picked up the other day at Target! No, this is not the duo from their studio collection that looks similar to NARS. It's from their regular line but it's not listed on their website so I suppose it's exclusive to Target stores? Either way, for only $1, this little duo is a steal!

This blush reminds me a lot of NARS Orgasm blush which I don't currently have because I returned it. It was far too shimmer/glittery for my tastes. The blush half of this ELF duo has a lot of shimmer as well but it's much more understated when applied on your skin and comes off glow-y! Here are some swatches to give you a better idea of how the blush compares to other blush shades:

L-R: Mark After Glo, ELF Blush, NARS Deep Throat, NARS Torrid, MAC Marine Life, NYC Plaza Pink, MAC Coral Crepe

I think it looks almost identical to NARS Deep Throat except with more shimmer (which coincidentally is suppose to be your alternative to NARS Orgasm if you want the same color of Orgasm without the shimmer).

The texture of the blush is somewhat chalky but it doesn't look chalky when applied. There is a lot of product that flakes off when you sweep your brush across either of the colors though.

As for the bronzer, it is extremely pigmented so you have to be very careful when applying. I easily over applied and had two lines of brown on my cheeks that looked ridiculous. I couldn't blend them out enough to look natural. When I applied the bronzer a second time, I stippled it on rather than sweeping it across my cheeks and that did the job fantastically! It looked like a natural tan.

I love how the packaging has a very "back to school" feel!

Overall, I would definitely recommend this duo and for only $1.00, you aren't going to break the bank trying it out. The blush gives a wonderful peachy pink glow and the bronzer works fantastic with a careful hand.



  1. I was kinda surprised when i saw that duo in your vid because i didn't remebered from the page =D but it makes sense what you said here that maybe is just an exclusive item.

    I really love the swatches comparisson because that way we can appreciate way more the colour/shimmer and the difference with other blushes ^^

    This duo looks so nice! =)
    And indeed, for that price everyone should give it a try! =D

  2. I saw this on another blogger's haul post and I think this might be exclusive to only targets? I gotta check mine out after reading this awesome review!! :D I have the $3 duo and its really pretty but I don't use it enough :/ Probably time to whip it out again!

    Hope you review the neutral eye palette soon~ Looking forward to that ^^

  3. I actually don't like the palette :( it's very very chalky and the only okay colors are the matte ones

  4. Ohh, I guess that'll save me $3 then :) Thanks!

  5. This is interesting, because I haven't seen this before!! And I own so much for their products too!


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