Sunday, July 25, 2010

Forever 21 Accessories Haul!

Hello Ladies!

I was off from work today and decided to stop by to do some accessory shopping! I wanted a few more necklaces and such to fit our dress code and decided to share with you guys in case you were interested in some of the new pieces in stores! Here are pictures for you to glance at. :)

Hope you liked my haul!



  1. Nice haul Kristie!! ^^

    The things i liked most was the butterfly necklace, the first sunglasses, the ring and the bag! it looks like vintage =)

  2. I love the bag! So cute :)
    What are travel soap sheets? lol

  3. Thanks so much! I love it too. I've been wanting it ever since I saw it online! The travel soap sheets are little papers that turn into soap when you mix it with a little water! I thought it was too cool to pass up and that's always nice to have when you need soap and public places are out :)

  4. I loveeee all the necklaces you bought. They're all so prettty. I haven't seen those travel soap sheets here in Canada. Then again, I haven't shopped at F21 in 3 weeks now. Your haul makes me wanna shop there again real badly LOL!

  5. haha thanks! There's soooo many new and super cute things that you should check out in the store :))

  6. Elephants, turtles, butterflies! Oh My!

  7. Ooooo! Nice stunna shades!