Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fun Find At Target!

Just wanted to pop in and share my fun find today! I was browsing my local Target for a nice tray to place my perfumes in on top of my new dresser and stumbled across these cuties!

Sadly, I didn't find the kind of tray I wanted for my perfumes but I was also in the market for some nice candles. I wanted some affordable, foody scented, cute looking ones and these fit the bill. I love the little ramekins they're in because they remind me of my favorite dessert - creme brulee! It's nice that they small so they don't overwhelm my room and they were on sale for $6.98. They smelled so yummy that I had to pick up the last two on the shelves. They add such a nice cozy touch to my room too!

So have you guys stumbled across any goodies lately? Share in the comments because I'd love to hear about it!


1 comment:

  1. i love target! :) but i feel like they never have things on clearance, you proved me wrong hahaha :) my fav dessert is creme brulee too...with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream....MMMMMMMM :D please check out my makeup blog too when you have a moment <3